Cognac Martinaud

If your taste favour cognac-based cocktails or long-drinks, choose our five-year-old VSOP, which is young and vigorous ans has a ligh hint of oak. This cognac goes well with tonic water or fruit juice and makes an outstanding aperitif or cocktail.

Savour our « Napoleon Cognac » after fifteen years in oak it is well-rounded, powerful yet subtle.

For the purist, our « Heritage Cognac » is just like great poetry with its rare amber colour. It is made from the first harvest and therefore from the first distillation season of the 1960s. This delectable drink will conjure up images of the master blender at work in the silence of his candle-lit cellar. You will appreciate the noble qualities and the finesse of this remarkable « Rancio » that has resulted from years of slow evaporation and contact with air and oak.

Finally, discover our Cognac XO, a product of grapes grown entirely in the « Grande Champagne, Premier Cru du Cognac (First Growth Area of Cognac) ». This is meant for the true aficionado in search of a Cognac with elegance, lenght, distinctiveness and assurance and is made from a unique and exceptional harvest that was distilled in the 1950s.

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